Dr. Famous Pullen (M.D, RHEP)

- Son of God, Kingdom Ambassador.

- Equipper, Speaker, and Teacher.

- Happy Husband.

 I was faced with ‘The Big Question’ –

“What is Life?”


Have you ever been in that place where you are really wondering what life is all about? You might have been there, I for one have been there too. I wanted to understand what life is all about, and to learn the ways I could live the best life possible. I wanted to be a true success. I don’t mean a  public success but a private failure, but a true success inside and outside. So in my search for truth, I found my answer to what life is.

Life is an opportunity! Life is a journey!

Life is an opportunity for us to discover, build, and manifest our greatest potentials. Life is a journey of learning and unlearning, where we use both our good and bad experiences to further our growth and fulfill our purposes.


“My Journey”

In my life journey, I have been privileged to live in three continents. I was born and raised up in Nigeria, and when I was 17, I moved to Europe. There I had to embrace a new culture and also learn a new language. It was in Ukraine that I had a life changing encounter with Christ. Though I was raised in a Christian home, I never truly had a dynamic fellowship with Christ. But at age 17, everything changed. I had a new birth experience, I became born-again. And since then, I have learnt how to have a dynamic fellowship with God, and to grow in the Kingdom-life. From then, my journey really began.

“Everything was good, but..”

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Everything was good, but then I was faced with a dilemma. While I was growing in the faith on one hand, I was struggling on the other hand to truly understand the overall meaning of life, and what my specific purpose was. At a point, I wanted to leave medical school to go to a bible school, as my passion for God was rapidly increasing. Then, my understanding of life was that we are purposed to choose one profession. Either you are a doctor, or an engineer, or a pastor etc. “You are either here or there”. Choose one! Thankfully, I finally did not leave medical school. I learnt to grow in God, while growing in the study of the human health and fitness. Today, I have come to have a pretty portfolio with: a degree in medicine, master in administration and management, and a diploma in fitness and health promotion. 


“Now they all fit together…”

Now they all fit together, I mean everything I have been through has prepared me for my purpose. My purpose and passion is “To inspire people to become the best version of themselves and to equip people to reign in life as sons and daughters of God”. I have a passion to see people succeed in all areas of life; in spirit, soul, body, relationship, finances, leadership, and life-purpose. I realized that every path in my journey now fits together to help me become a person that can inspire and equip others not just in faith but in succeeding at life in general. Now, my goal is not just to raise spiritual people but to equip people to reign in life as sons and daughters of God who are well built to lead and reign in every aspect of life. 


Me and my family...

When I am not busy with work towards my vision, I love to spend time with my wife, queen, best friend and fitness pal Chioma. Our love kindled in 2019 and she remains God's gift to me. Together we are on a mission to Reveal, Inspire, Transform, and Equip people to reign in life as sons and daughters of God. We look forward to partnering with you in the days ahead, and we wish you success on every front. Blessings!