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Dr Famous Pullen M.D

Empowering people to transform their world.

Dr. Famous Pullen is a fitness consultant, author, and speaker, empowering people to transform their world by equipping people to excel in fitness and faith. He is the founder of The GEM Team Fitness (TGT), an organization ‘empowering people to live fit, healthy, and in shape’, with a vision to build a fit and healthy society where everyone is empowered to achieve their fitness goals with excellence. He is also a Kingdom Ambassador at Get Equipped Mission Inc. (GEM), a mission aimed at ‘equipping people to excel in the Kingdom, and transforming the world into a Kingdom domain’, with a vision to see a world filled with GEMS; GEMS are people, nations, and organizations radiating the glory of God and advancing the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. 

Famous is married to Chioma Pullen, and they reside in Toronto, Canada. Together they are building a legacy of love, life, and light. They are on a lifetime journey of equipping people and transforming the world one day at a time.


MD – Doctor of Medicine (LSMU, Lugansk Ukraine)

MBA – Masters in Business Administration (IBS, Dnipro, Ukraine)

FHP – Fitness and Health Promotion (Humber, Toronto, Canada)

RHEP – Registered Health & Exercise Practitioner (Ontario, Canada)

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Me and my family...

I love to spend time with my wife, my queen, my best friend, and mission partner, Chioma. Our love kindled in 2019 and she has remained God's gift to me since then.

Together we are on a mission to inspire and equip people to grow, excel, and manifest their fullest potential. 
We look forward to partnering with you in the days ahead, and to see you succeed in all you do.

Much love from us to you!

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